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Garbage Dumpsters are never something we stop to admire.

I am sure you would agree that, your customers, tenants, or passersby (potential customers) don’t want to see your garbage. We don’t realize our exterior branding may turn customers away rather than bring them in the door. Imagine instead, a potential customer driving up and NOT noticing any dumpster. How? Conceal the trash by ENCLOSING your dumpster. An enclosure will add a well-dressed appearance to your business exterior. Here’s what to consider:


Build A Dumpster Enclosure that Suits Your Business and Location.


Dumpsters don’t have to be in plain view. You can create a dumpster enclosure that blends in with your business appearance.


BEFORE building your enclosure consider these options:


  • A Concrete Pad – Your enclosure needs a concrete pad not footers. Make sure it is at least 7” thick and big enough to leave a small amount of room outside of the enclosure posts. This helps the garbage trucks easily roll up and away from the dumpster.


  • Enclosure Walls – Blend in with your surroundings. Choose materials that coordinate with your building’s color and design. Get creative and your enclosure will cause your dumpster area to disappear. 


  • Consider What to Hide - Plan ahead and don’t forget that other equipment such as air conditioning units, generators, or other ground-mounted equipment can be enclosed inside your dumpster enclosure.


  • Access - Consider how many dumpsters you want enclosed and whether you want walk-in access.


  • Local Ordinances - Check with local ordinances to develop a firm understanding of what you can and cannot do.

It is now mandatory in the City of Clarksville, Indiana that all businesses conceal their trash in a Dumpster Enclosure. If you don't have one, let the professionals at Stark Construction build one for you.

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