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Multi-Family & Commercial Renovations

Partner with Someone Who Understands Your Needs.

When it comes to renovating your property, trust the experts at Stark Construction. We understand that your investment matters, and we’re here to make the process as simple and efficient as possible. With our cost-effective solutions and a focus on fast turnaround times, you can expect minimal stress and maximum return on investment.

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Renovation Services Tailored to You.

Our renovation services are designed to cater to the unique requirements of your property. Whether your apartments are occupied or vacant, we have the experience to handle it all. On average, we renovate three apartments per day, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly without unnecessary delays.

Kitchen upgrades can significantly enhance the appeal of your apartments. At Stark Construction, we offer a range of options to revamp your kitchen area. Choose from a variety of cabinet styles and colors, update your sinks and faucets for a modern look, or opt for our cost-effective Tile FX backsplash that gives you the aesthetics you desire without breaking the bank.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Space.


Embrace Open Floor Plans.

Inclusivity is a priority for us. If you need ADA conversions to ensure that your property is accessible to all residents, we have the solutions you need. Our sink and countertop conversion options meet ADA requirements while maintaining functionality and style.

Accessibility Matters.

Open floor plans are in demand, and we can help you create a spacious and inviting living space. Our expertise allows us to modify kitchen and living/dining room walls effectively, giving your apartment homes a contemporary and spacious feel that prospective tenants will love.


Convenient Laundry Solutions.

Offering convenient laundry facilities can set your property apart from the competition. We provide washer and dryer additions in various configurations, including under-counter and stackable units. These upgrades not only enhance convenience but also contribute to increased revenue and a quick return on investment.

Elevate Bathrooms’ Appeal.


Bathrooms are crucial selling points for any property. At Stark Construction, we offer a range of bathroom upgrades to add value to your apartments. Replace outdated vanities and countertops or refresh the look by changing vanity door fronts. Simple changes like updating bath accessories or adding a tile tub surround can make a significant difference.

Efficient Lighting Solutions.

Upgrade your apartment homes with modern LED lighting. Not only do these lights enhance the aesthetics of the space, but they also lead to long-term savings by reducing maintenance and utility costs. Additionally, consider smart LED lighting and thermostats to further improve energy efficiency and appeal to environmentally-conscious renters.

Partner with the Experts.

When you partner with Stark Construction, you’re choosing a renovation specialist that prioritizes your needs. Our cost-effective solutions, efficient turnaround times, and commitment to quality ensure that you get the most out of your investment. With a track record of successful projects and a dedicated team, we guarantee a stress-free renovation journey that delivers maximum ROI for your property. Contact us today to transform your space into a masterpiece that stands out in the market.

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